Mighty Multi-Age Mallards: Mrs. Spence and Mrs. Dingeldein

On May 7, 2013

The Mighty Multi-Age Mallards field study was a huge learning event Friday April 26th!  First  students, teachers and parents  were treated to hands-on science at the Saluda Shoals Wetland’s Bog. Next the two classes participated in a mock trial at the  Lexington County Courthouse experiencing, first hand, our Judicial system hard at work.

At the park, students identified habitats, felt mammal pelts, dipped nets into the bog, captured aquatic creatures and looked at plant life through high powered microscopes. Later the multi-age classes dropped by the courthouse and became part of a mock-trial:

The Case of the Stolen Cookies. The Honorable James O. Spence presided over the case with Police Officer Ms. Christy collecting evidence from the students.